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Welcome to Hugh's Photography, my personal website for showing photos to friends and family and having a little fun playing with web technologies.

While this website is "life", it is still a far cry from what I envision. Do not expect rapid progress, however, as I have a real job for a living and only so much time (and I need some time to take the pictures too, of course :-))

These are some of the galleries currently available, use the menu above to find all others.

Andalucia Late autumn 2008 my wife and I took a short fly and drive vacation in Andalucia, in southern Spain. This realy was a good idea, we should do it more often, and we will. 10 galleries
388 photos
Miami & the Florida Keys At the end of 2007 a couple of colleagues and I made a business trip to Miami and the Florida Keys. Well, to be honest, the Florida Keys was a one day pleasure trip to get over our jet-lag and it worked :-). While it was raining and close to freezing in the Netherlands, we had beautifull whether and sunshine in southern Florida. Too bad we had to work the rest of the week ... 8 galleries
150 photos
Oostvaardersplassen The Oostvaardersplassen is a rich nature area in the Netherlands. While my wife, daughter and I were visiting someone in neighborign Lelystad, he recommended us to visit it. When you look at the images, you'll understand why we did not regret taking that advice. 20 photos