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Miami and the Florida Keys

Thanks to a business trip I was able to visit Miami and the Florida Keys. Miami was work, but we used the Sunday to visit the Florida Keys. It was really nice, with great weather and a beautiful sunset. While we dit not make it all the way to Key West, we had a good time and plenty to see. I hope you enjoy it!

The following galleries document our trip to the Keys as well as the view of Miami as seen from my hotel window in the warm early morning light.

Trip to the Florida Keys These photos give an impression of the one day trip we made. 32 photos
Kite Surfing At one of our first stopping places some guys were kite surfing, which seemed to be great fun. I apologies to the gentleman in the picture, but I could not swim fast enough to reach him and ask permission for the photos, I hope he does not mind. 9 photos
Kite Surfing Just after the kite surfing I saw a family of seagulls. Look how the young one begs for food and annoys his parents. 12 photos
Old Seven Mile Bridge While we were still at the north side of the old seven mile bridge, dark clouds came running in. We took the new bridge and when we arrived at the south side the weather was fine again. What a difference 7 miles can make :-). 24 photos
Kite Surfing Talking about ruins, this Bahia Honda Bridge really is an industrial ruin. While it was very interesting, I guess that in the long run it is a major form of environmental pollution. I'm afraid though that to few people in the US of A will want to pay for it to be demolished, and certainly no politician. Time will tell. 23 photos
Bahia Honda State Park On our way back we stopped at the Bahia Honda State Park, which was very nice. I got some good shots of (what I believe to be) a great egret and a broken winged black vulture that even took a swim. Unfortunately the ranger station was closed by the time we returned, so we could not report it. I also managed some nice sun-sets, but we were really to late for a good view while it was setting. 37 photos
Miami form my Hotel Window We stayed at a hotel in Dadeland. Early in the morning the light was beautifull and I shot these photos of Miami form my hotel window. I like the warm colors of the houses in the beautiful morning light, later in the day you needed dark sunglasses to even look, but in the morning it was very nice. 10 photos