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Bretagne, France

We love Bretagne, it has the sea all around (and plenty of fish in the shops), is not too hot (especially true this year), and not too touristy (although that is changing a bit, unfortunately). This year we stayed at a single place, but did quite some touring around.

Note: the other 8 galleries are still coming (but slowly ....)

Portrieux My wife had found Pontrieux in a local village guide, so we went there, we thought. So we drove to Portrieux where there was a market that day. We thought is strange that we could not find the sights mentioned in the guide, until we noticed the difference between poRt and poNt. Only one letter but changing the meaning from "bridge" to "port". My daughter did not mind, though, she bought two necklaces at the market! And I took some shots of seagulls, those magnificent fliers. 26 photos
Swallows On the roof of the camping's main building sat a small swallow and his brother (or sister, I couldn't tell). Mamma and papa swallow were feeding them - from the air! They would fly in at great speed, hover for -literally- a fraction of a second to feed the chick, and then swerve away. I stood there for a couple of hours, keeping my camera focused on the chick and hoping for the best. Got one lucky shot for the effort (and I consider that worth it). 8 photos
Pontrieux According to a local tourist guide leaflet the village of Pontrieux was nice to visit with a small river going through it. When we arrived it turned out there was a festival (Marché d' Antan) with local costumes, dancing and craftsmanship displays. At the end of the day there also was a demonstration tour of vintage cars and tractors, all in all a nice surprise. 60 photos
Haras Tour The Haras National de Lamballe, a national stud farm, was instituted in 1825. The horses were bred for farming and pulling (army) carts and hence are pretty sturdy (around 800-900 kg for a stallion). In this day and age around 40 stallions remain to keep the Breton race intact. At the beginning of the last century there where 390 stallions - amazing. During the summer season they give tours and shows every Thursday. 34 photos
Haras Show In the early evening the Haras equine show is held on the terrain of the Haras. We were so "lucky" to select a show day were it rained cats and dogs (horses and donkeys too). Within minutes we were soaked to the bone, you can even see the rain on some of the photos and that is pretty rare. Still it was more than worthwhile; the big stallions were impressive, as was some of the horsemanship. Next time I wish for better weather though, my camera and lenses had to dry out for a day. 55 photos
Les Madieres Les Madieres truly is our favorite camping (at least in Europe). It's not too big and massive, the sites are nice and roomy, and the people are friendly, especially the owners Thierry and Laurence, who appear with us on some of these photos. The visitors typically form a nice blend of French and Dutch with a handful of English, Scottish and German thrown in for good measure. A real recommendation (see camping's website for reservations). 10 photos