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This site can be navigated using the menu bar and, on gallery pages with the arrows and certain keys.

Menu Bar

The meny bar allows quick navigation to any page. By moving the mouse pointer over a menu entry the entry will highlight and any sub menu will appear. The only drawback is that you need to stay very precisely within the menu area, otherwise it disappears. As a rule all menu entries, so also those with a sub menu, can be clicked and lead to a page. Some pages, however are foreseen but not yet realised. These are the Equipment and Resources menu entries and their sub menus.

In the screenshot below you see the main menu "Galleries" slected. From there I seleceted "2008", then "Andalucía", and finally "Alhama de Granada". Each of these menus are hyperlinks that lead to a page. Quite often some additional info will appear as a tooltip after hovering a while.

Gallery pages

On pages that contain a true gallery (i.e. one with photos) two arrows appear centered in the page next to the menu. With these you can navigate one photo backward and forward.

The thumbnails below the main image can be used to navigate to a specific photo, just by clicking on it.

Finally the following keys can be used:

Left arrowNavigate to the previous photo
Right arrowNavigate to the next photo
<Home>Navigate to the first photo
<End>Navigate to the last photo
<PageUp>Move as many photos backwards as can be seen on the thumbnail bar
<PageDn>Move as many photos forwards as can be seen on the thumbnail bar