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Galleries in 2007

The year 2007 was a productive year. This was the year I bought my Nikon D80 for our vacation in Tanzania. So I had to practice and of course I shot many photos in Tanzania (over 2500, of which some 20% are shown).

Tanzania My parents wanted to visit Africa one more time and asked us whether we would come along. Obviously our answer was a resounding yes. So, these are the photos of "a vacation of a life-time" in some of the most beautiful places in Tanzania. 14 galleries, 540 photos
Oostvaardersplassen The Oostvaardersplassen is a rich nature area in the Netherlands. While my wife, daughter and I were visiting someone in neighborign Lelystad, he recommended us to visit it. When you look at the images, you'll understand why we did not regret taking that advice. 20 photos
Miami and the Florida Keys Thanks to a business trip I was able to visit Miami and the Florida Keys. Of course Miami was work, but we flew in on a Saturday and used the Sunday to get rid of our jet-lag by visiting the Florida Keys. While not my first visit to Florida, I had never been on the keys. I had hoped to reach Key West, but there was just too much to see underway, so we never got there. 8 galleries, 150 photos