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Galleries in 2008

Early 2008 I started to get severe back problems, causing me to have to stay home an flat on my back most of the time. It also meant no summer vacation, which was hard on the kids and my wife. Fortunately we could take a short vacation end of October, so there are some photos at least.

Dinner in Southampton In the spring we had a fantastic "Intercultural Awareness Course" with colleagues from Belgium, The Netherlands, and the UK. The course was customized for us and was held in Southampton. Here you see us preparing the night before by having a good dinner (and some beer). Also some photos to prove that we really did follow the course. 34 photos
Robert and Berendine My son Robert graduated from his bi-lingual high school (VWO) and had his first gala just before the exam results were made known. It is the custom to come by a very special form of transportation. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow our neighbor's VW Beetle convertible (which also happened to be my first car, a long, long time ago). So here you see him with his girlfriend Berendine (who was in the same class), and me as the chauffeur. 52 photos
Andalucía At the end of the year my wife and I had a short "fly and drive" vacation in Andalucía, southern Spain. I had been to Seville on a business trip a couple of years before, and liked it very much. A good enough reason to go see more, we thought. Unfortunately the weather was not as nice as it could have been, especially the first couple of days, but all in all we had a wonderful vacation, just the two of us. 10 galleries, 408 photos