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Galleries in 2009

This year has been fairly productive in terms of galleries. I have me quite some walks (couldn't really call them hikes) with my neighbor Jan, and sometimes I took my camera. Also we had two vacations so far (the year is not yet ended :-)). Although I am a little behind in creating the summer vacation galleries ...

De Mortelen I guess De Mortelen, is our preferred area when Jan and I go for a walk, which usually happens on a Saturday. It is a varied landscape that shows that farming, nature, and recreation can go well together, even in a country as crowded as the Netherlands.
Note: this is only a few kilometers north to north-west of Eindhoven (see here on Google Maps)
32 photos
Luxemburg It was a long time ago that we had used our caravan trailer, so we wanted to check out before the summer vacation how my back and the, admittedly poor, bed would agree. A couple of years before we had been to Ettelbrück, Luxemburg, and stayed at the Kalkesdelt campground. Well, the campground was still there, with new owners who were very friendly. There were not too many campers, I guess in part due to the crisis. A shame, as it was very nice weather for that time of year and that place. 63 photos
Olland Another popular walking destination of my neighbor Jan and myself is Olland. This time the poppies and corn flowers where in bloom, very special. We were not the only one with a camera there. 35 photos
Gala Ellen The year before it was Robert's turn, now it was my daughter Ellen's turn for a gala. Yes, I know I am biased, but I guess you will have to agree with me that she is beautiful (and sweet too, although that is harder to prove in a picture). Together with 10 friends they had rented a chauffeured stretch limousine to get to the castle where the gala is held. It could just barely make the turn into our street! 40 photos
Camping Les Madieres We like to go to France for our summer vacations, within France we love Bretagne, because it is still a little rough and pure. We stayed for the third time at the Les Madieres campground, and made quite some trips.
Unfortunately I still have to process most photos, so I ask your patience.
6 galleries, 193 photos
Dordrecht Between two family visits we had an hour to kill and decided to do so in Dordrecht, where we had never been before. It seems a somewhat strange town, but not unpleasant with its harbor and older buildings. Of course an hour is really short, so we will have to go back some time (on the other hand, there are still so many places that I have not seen at all - choices, choices). 28 photos
South Nutfield, UK My wife has an aunt and three nieces living in England. We went for a short visit and stayed with one niece in South Nutfield. It was a great visit wich lots of talking and great food (who says you cannot get a decent meal in the UK?). We even had a little time left to go see the Guy Fawkes bonfire and fireworks. And of course I shot some pictures around the house too. 60 photos
De Witte Holevoet My parents invited us for a special dinner at "De Witte Holevoet", a restaurant and hotel in Scherpenzeel, close to where they live. What made it special was that it was a game dinner augmented with hunter's horn blowing and a show with birds of prey. The food was fantastic, and the shows were great entertainment. Unfortunately I had to use the flash all the time (indeed - I would fancy a D3s or rather the D700s that is expected by mid 2010). Don't you think these birds look outlandish with their protective hoods on? 56 photos
Kampina Just a short drive from our home is a nature area called "Kampina". It is one of the many places my neighbor Jan has taken me for our, unfortunately not so regular, Saturday afternoon walks. The week before we had some snow (rare that time of year) and the sun was out. Beautiful, I wish I had taken my other lenses, as it was I just had my 70-300 which is a tad long for this kind of landscape. 55 photos